Parasite Concerns, Tick Concerns

Where to find a Tick on your Dog or Cat

It seems that if I have found a tick on my dog in the past years – it has been on the neck area only.

However, Ticks are drawn to warm & moist areas on our pets, & in the past year we have found ticks in unexpected places:

1. Between the Toes,
2. The Groin & Flanks area – especially the areas around the anus, Vulvar area – and under the tail,
3. Eyelids – many clients have come in for an eyelid mass or growth to be checked – and it is a tick,
4. Ears – on the edges, back, and the inside of your floppy-eared dog!
5. Under the neck & Armpits

Removing a tick? – Please don’t forget to wear gloves before you remove a tick using tweezers or a tick-remover – grasping it at the skin surface, pulling straight up, place it in a secure container or ziplock bag and, contact your Veterinary Clinic for more assistance.

Submitted by Dr. Jeff Goodall, Sunnyview Animal Care

36 Duke Street, Unit #6

Bedford, NS


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